Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

We are living in a world full of symbols, and a world full of symbols is living within us. In my personal microcosmos, a central symbol exists, around which my creative activities circle round like the planets around the sun.

The exciting discovery of this symbol containing immutable geometries deriving from nature, has lead me to call it Sakrosankt.

Inspired by an inexplicable sense of familiarity towards this symbol, I kept on researching until the closure of a cycle was achieved: seven fundamental geometries and principles of proportions were found being immanent in the symbol and could be applied to it (seen in „geometric concept“).

Thereby I can expound its universal character and at the same time follow my aim to create the highest possible resonance by multi-medial artistic expressions of the symbol.

Geometries are part of a language of light and can be understood as a key to a matrix. They contain informations which correspond to us on a transpersonal level, documenting a higher reality of perfect order and beauty.

Through the combination of my created principles of order with other magical models (deriving from esotherics, astrology, alchemy, numerology), one gains access to a new world full of understandings and cross-culture lawfulness.

Not infrequently with it I encounter inexplicable, yet very satisfying „coincidences“ and syncronicities. (Albert Einstein: „Coincidence is god`s way to stay anonymous`.“)

My mission and vision as an artist is to document the beauty of nature with its underlying patterns and express it in geo-aesthetic ways, be it as a tattoo, a ritual object or other pieces of art, finally to inspire each one to make its own rain bow between dream and reality.

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