Geometric Concept

Self Similarity

There is a theory of the universe known as fractal cosmology and it says that the structure of the universe is fractal.

A fractal is a geometric pattern that is self-similar, meaning that the whole pattern is contained within its parts. In other words, if you zoom into any part of the pattern, it looks the same. Similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales.
Fractals, as mathematical entities, are infinite.

The sakrosankt symbol doesn’t hold up to this strict mathematical definition of fractals , but it possesses another similar distinctive feature :
self similar, due to its proportions, it can be scaled up and down and found in itself again and again, to be continued ad infinitum.
with this, it witnesses the fractal and universal principle which accompanies all of our life in micro-and macrocosmic dimensions,
furthermore, it fulfills the hermetic principle of „as above, so below“ and and points out that we are holographic images of the divine source.

With this significant characteristic being contained in the sakrosankt symbol, it represents expanding growth and the beauty of nature itself.

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