Technische Details

Technical Details

The Sakrosankt Synergy is a fusion of precious natural materials with high-technology.

The wooden elements being used are all hand made in detail. To guarantee a hygienic work flow they have been treated and are washable with disinfectants.

The motor of the machines are all MAXON motors (Amax22), made in Switzerland. This quietly running high precision motor can be run between 5 to 8 Volt, depending on the needle size group and personal preferences.

The machine frames are made in modern 3-D steel print process, out of one piece, practical indestructible. Following steel types have been used: polished bronze steel, matt bronzed silver steel and polished bronzed black steel.

Sakrosankt Synergy Tattoomaschine

To make the needle bar run smoothly and in best tension, an O-ring or rubber band has to be used.

For best results use an O-ring for metal grips and tips.
metal grips are easily adjustable to create the best space for the o ring to be adjusted in the bracket it is designed for.

When single use grips are being used, the necessary space is not always sufficient due to the long and unregular standardized back stems.

Not all single use grips and cartridge systems on the market are compatible with the Sakrosankt Synergy, due to the widely varying length of backstops described.
here is one system (that I know of) that perfectly fits for the cartridge system.
INKJECTA ergo cart grip for example at tattoosafe.

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