Geometric Concept

Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra is a geometrical diagram, deriving from the Hindu tradition as a tool to focus the practitioners mind and to tune into the beneficial energies of the macrocosm.

This complex geometrical construct consists of nine interlocking triangles showing the integration of male and female energies, the connection of the physical and metaphysical world.

Five downward facing triangles represent the female, four upward facing triangles represent the male aspects.

The central dot (Bindu) represents Shiva itself, the source of all creation.
The Sri Yantra is the mother of all yantras and is said to create a dynamic uplifting energy field interacting with our aura.
Yantra means power diagram in sanskrit, and is a graphical expressions of a mantra.

Similarily, by laws of resonance, a certain energy from the practitioner`s microcosm vibrates on the same wavelength with the corresponding infinite energy present in the macrocosm, represented on a physical level by the yantra.

The immanence of this geometry in the sakrosankt symbol brings it to life, especially by the seven chakras which occur through certain intersection points.

Examples of applications of the Sri yantra can be found as tattoo, art object and as a ritual commodity.

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