Geometric Concept

The Elven Star

The seven pointed star, also called the elven star or fairy star is a sacred symbol to wiccars and is said to ward off evil.Even though the seven resonates with the vibration and energies of the collective consciousness, its significance to our inner life was kept disguised in mystical terminology, metaphor and myth because it refers to a great secret, the knowledge of self-transformation.

Like no other number, seven represents a complete cycle and is considered as the number of universal balance and magical power, it knows of :

  • 7 principle powers: sun, forest, see, magic, moon, wind, spirit
  • 7 levels of consciousness
  • 7 colours of auras and chakras
  • 7 world religions and world wonders
  • 7 deadly sins
  • 7-year develop periods of human beings
  • 7 colours of the rainbow

Being the geometry that completes the cycle, the seven offers protection to the Sakrosankt Symbol und helps to create its magical resonance, as a Symbol requires the collective confirmation and empowerment.

Examples of the usage of this geometry can be found as tattoo, art object and ritual object.

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