The Sakrosankt Synergy tattoo machine is a project that I started already three years ago. After this maturation process, equipped with technical and conceptional sophistications, I can now proudly present and share the results with you

What partly influenced this creation was my past of being a trained wood carver and the affinity for natural shapes and forms that comes along with it, but more then that, my 20 years of experience as professional tattooist which made me very familiar with the energetical, at times transformative mechanisms taking place in the process of tattooing.

My intention was to create a tattoo machine in accordance to my spiritual world-view. A machine that inspires by the harmonic fusion of natural materials with high technologies and with a construction plan that meticulously considers universal principles with favoring effects on shape energy.

As a deeper response to the individuality of each tattoo machine user, seven gemstone /wood combinations are available to choose from. This creates an alignment to one`s unique vibrational frequency, and thus the tattoo machine becomes a personalized ritual tool, a reliable friend on your responsible way.

The selection can be made whether intuitively, by resonance and preference to a particular gemstone and tree type, or according to the qualities and properties they possess including their planetary assignments.

Your choice – your way – your work

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