Sakrosankt Synergy “Saturn”


Personalized ritual tool, variation with gemstone amethyst and beech tree wood.


Personalized ritual tool, variation with gemstone amethyst and beech tree wood.

The sakrosankt synergy rotary machine inspires by a harmonic fusion of highest technology with natural materials.
The construction of this machine meticulously takes into account universal principles of sacred geometry .These principles have favoring effect on shape energy itself and ultimately create power objects.
You can choose between 7 different gemstone /wood combinations to align with your individual vibrational frequency and to create your own personalized ritual tool.
The model „Venus“ contains the gemstone amethyst and wood from the beech tree. Further details about their properties and meanings you find here.

Key Features:

  • Quiet, reliable precision motor MAXON Amax 22, made in Switzerland
  • 4mm throw, ideal for Dotwork, but also lining, shading and filling
  • Stable machine frame made in 3-D steel print
  • Device to attach o-rings (included in delivery) for optimal needle bar tension
  • Best results when used with metal needle grips or incjecta single use needle grips for cartridge-system
  • Handmade wooden elements are easily washable
  • Available in 7 different gemstone/ wood combinations
  • Principles of construction based on Sacred Geometry
  • Dimension of machine frame: 7,23cm = cosmic wavelength
  • Limited edition, only 7 existing machines per combination!

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