Construction Concept

The construction of the Sakrosankt Synergy tattoo machine is based upon the principles of shape energy, which says that every object, every body, every atom, every planet has its own vibrational frequency, depending on its geometrical proportion.

Amongst this infinite spectrum of vibrational frequencies one particular wavelength is found with particular harmonizing and vitalizing effects.
It is considered being the cosmic wavelength, a major element of sacred geometry which can be found everywhere, its wavelength is 7,23cm in the human body for example it is the (average) distance between our eyes, measured from the middle of one pupil to the other.

In the spiritual sense this wavelength is the sounds of the universe, expressed in hindu tradition as the sacred syllable OM.

To make use of this favoring effect on shape energy, the total height of the sakrosankt synergy is exactly 7,23cm.

The underlying construction of the Sakrosankt Synergy rotary tattoo machine is based upon the sakrosankt symbol itself.
It directly served as inspiration and starting point for the dimensions of the tattoo machine frame, which, seen from the front, is in perfect alignment to the proportions of the sakrosankt symbol.

This symbol has universal character, it contains seven fundamental geometries and proportional principles of sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry is considered being light language, speaking to us on a transpersonal level, delivering informations from a world of perfect order.
These underlying seven geometries, their origin and meaning are here being explained in detail.

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