Geometric Concept

Squaring of the circle

The Squaring of the circle is in general describing the impossible, as in a geometric sense, it is impossible to construct circles and sqares with same surface areas and perimeters. Circles are calculated with the help of immeasurable number pi and squares with whole rational numbers.

application of squaring of the circle:
if we draw down the moon to the earth, then a heavenly circle around the earth , through the center of the moon will have a circumference equal to the perimeter of a square around the earth.
how the old druids figured that out will probably forever remain a secret.

the circle is assigned traditionally to the heavens, and the square to the earth.
when these two shapes are unified as described, we speak of squaring the circle, meaning that opposing qualities are unified, heaven and earth, or spirit and matter, are symbolically combined, or married.

the discovery of this geometrical phenomena in the center of the sakrosankt symbol enriches it with a sense of stability by the number four (cardinal directions, pillar of the earth…) and revives topics of ancient art scholars.

This geometry is used for example at army of love and a pleiadian cycle.

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