7,23 cm

7,23 cm can be understood as the measure of the cosmic key. Each object creates a frequency, a sound, according to its design type. By taking the average of all sounds of this universe, one would receive the wave length of 7,23 cm.

In the spiritual sense, the wavelength is the sound of OM, which is seen in the hindu tradition as the sound of the universe or the principal of creation.

Examples of the usage of the principles , see „a symbolic journey


A working method of the visual arts.
Description of a high relief or a three-dimensional object that originated by combining several objects.
From french „assembler“ : to put together.
Examples of this type of artwork are seen in a symbolic journey and in „a pleiadian cycle“ angeführt.


Sanscrit term for „wheel“, subtle energy centers between the physical and the subtle body of humans, connected by subtle energy channels.

muladara-chakra=root chakra, svadhistana-chakra=sacral chakra, manipura-chakra=navel chakra, anahata-chakra=heart chakra, vishuddha-chakra=throat chakra, ajna-chakra=third eye chakra, sahasrara chakra= crown chakra

Further characteristics are explained in the „magic model“ and chakra“.


From the astrological point of view, each star sign possesses specific traits, positiv and negative.The effects of individual characteristics can be supported or balanced by the according star sign gems.

How the stones are allocated in general systems is shown in Magic ModelUniverse.

Heilige Geometrie

The harmony of the world manifest in form and number. Geometry is the purest visible expression of numbers.

Sacred Geometry describes what lies behind existence.
It is the study of fundamental geometrical forms of spacetime to reveal secrets of physical and spiritual reality.

As basic principles of my creative work, sacred geometry is expressed in tattoos, art objects and ritual objects.


Swiss psychatrist (1875-1961), founder of the analytical psychology.
His work had a focus on the meaning of symbols from and for the collective unconsciousness.

See to this topic my history of the sakrosankt symbol in „signs and symbols


Blowpipe that traditionally is used for the self-application of shamanic snuffs (rapé).
Available here :
Army of love.


Magic is the Art of Knowing, of creation, of transformation, and of life, which is the birthright of every human being.
More collected Knowledge seen here: Magic model.


Colloquial for: Marihuana, intoxicant made of hemp, with medical potential.

Equipment for its use, see „I love you mary-jane

Palo Santos

Palo santos (Bursera Graveoleus) is a tree from the rainforests of South America with a high content of essential oils, botanically related to frankincense and myrrh.
When burned, the smoke created has clearing abilities and is euphoric and stimulating to the human mind.
This wood is available here: „Awaken your senses


Rapé is a traditional remedy taken as a snuff in ritual ceremonies. It is produced by various tribes of the amazon, containing tobacco, tobacco ashes, various plant parts and plant ashes.
Most types of rapé are stimulating and energizing, some have calming, visionary, empathic and meditative effects.
Equipment for its proper use you ll find in „army of love“ and „enhance willpower“.


A mathematical system which correspondents to several physical phenomena and is responsible for example : animal skin pigmentation
Besides biological organisms, it also occurs in various natural patterns, such as sand dunes, wave formations and so on.
Examples of these patterns used in tattoos you find here: “Gallery Reaction-Diffusion“.


Ancient japanese healing art , using the inexhaustible life energy of the universe for healing effects of body, soul and spirit.


Ritual, from latin „ritualis“ is an (often festive) action executed with given rules, of highly symbolic character.
the ritual helps coping with complex living situations and decisions. it symbolically combines significances which are beyond the profane meanings.
Ritual Utensil are available here:  Army of love.


From the latin „sacrosanctus“ for untouchable, holy.
Refers here to the Sakrosankt Symbol, which contains fundamental and universal geometries which appear in nature, thus are unchangeable.
These geometries are explained in more details here: “Geometric Concept“.


An object, noticable by our senses, referring to significant contexts outside our everyday reality.
From greek : „syllabein“ to put together.
According to C.G.Jung, a symbol is an emotion-colored message from the collective unconsciousness.
More informations, see: “Signs and symbols


Unexplained, highly complex geometrical arrangements and diagrams over hundreds of meter, which suddenly occur, leaving marks in crop fields.
The crop is not damaged by it, but stands up again.

These beautiful phenomena are unexplained, despite military surveillance and whether are kept dead silent in public media or ridiculed by reports about hoaxes.


Gründerzeit (translates as Founding time) describes a phase of economic history of 19th century in the German Reich and Austria- Hungary.

This style is used in „assemblages“, a symbolic journey, and a pleiadian cycle.

Die Pleyaden

The Pleyades are an open star cluster, named after the Pleiades from greek mythology, seven sisters, daughters of the Titan Atlas and his wife Pleione.
Inspiration for the title „a pleiadian cycle“.


Language of light is the language of our aura. the vibration of the aura can be changed and wanted things can be attracted.


Matrix is an interactive, constantly interoperating energy field, potentially containing all things. It is the essence on which our reality takes place.


The sanskrit root of yoga „yuj” means to „join together“ and indicates „union“ with the divine.
It is an art, a science and a philosophy, a practical method for making one`s life purposeful, useful and noble.

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