Geometric Concept

Reflection Symmetry

In reflection symmetry, the reversed elements are arranged about a mirror line, and so are oppositely congruent , this is collectively known as reflection symmetry.

Symmetria is the greek term for measuring together.
We are symmetric creatures ourselves ( two arms, legs, eyes…) and have a strong tendency to think in opposites, left/right, good/bad…

At first, this system of proportion appears to be the most mundane expression of symmetry, but, in the final analysis, remains a principle of shear universality.

Most cosmologies have descriptions of archetypal opposites, shiva/shakti, anima/animus, and with the yin/yang symbol probably being the best known.

The meeting of the seemingly incompatible opposites creates transformation, a quantum leap in a new being.

The existence of reflection symmetry in the sakrosankt symbol achieves a sense of balance and harmony and inherently expresses the concept of polarity.

Examples for this can seen as tattoo, art object, ritual object.

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