Geometric Concept

The Phive

According to Phytagoras, the five is the number of completion in a human being`s microcosm. Five-folded growth formations are seen countlessly, be it as the number of flower petals, fingers on the hand and so on.Even our closest planet, Venus (known as the goddess of love and beauty), describes when it circles around the sun the formation of a beautiful five folded star.

This Pentagram contains the golden section, which is seen as the quintessence of aesthetic and is used in disciplines such as art and architecture.

Furthermore it creates five 108 degree angles, which again points out to a number with outstanding significance:

  • the diameter of the sun is 108 times bigger then the diameter of the earth
  • the distance of the earth to the sun is 108 times the size of the diameter of the sun
  • indian gods and goddesses have 108 names
  • tantric traditions speak of an average of 21600 breaths per day, half solar, half lunar, 10800 breaths divided by 100 becomes 108 again, thus a mantra should be repeated 108 times, to charge the whole day with its mystical powers
  • an official baseball is stitched with 108 stitches
  • the nepalese parliament has 108 seats
  • a UNO card deck has 108 cards
  • 108 energy lines go together to build the heart chakra
  • there are 108 volumes of the collect teachings of the Buddha

These extraordinary appearances and meanings of the five-folded geometry, are mirrored in the sakrosankt symbol and induces it with a sense of growth and expansion.

This geometry finds expression as part of the army of love and in the a pleiadian cycle series.

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