My name is Patrick Hüttlinger,

I have been tattooing now since almost twenty years, it enabled me to travel and work almost all around this world.

Foundations of my artwork are principles of proportional harmony.

Honoring nature by exploring and utilizing its underlying mathematical relationships - seen as numbers and shapes -, are the very definition of aesthetics.

Synergizing the sacred and the scientific, the ancient and the modern, enables me to express personal ad transpersonal live experiences in reasonable ways (be it delivered for my tattoo guests or in my other artwork.)

Applying the only existing universal language, the sacred geometry, supports my aim as an artist to document the beauty within all things , at the same time I am aware and realize the potential of these cosmic qualities, to reach for higher consciousness and create resonance with the true self.

It is my very special honor to be able to introduce to you my latest creation, the SAKROSANKT SYNERGY rotary tattoo machine.